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Human Resources Consultants

Professional HR advice - Interviewing - Coaching - Change support - Policies - Procedures

Particulars of Employment

I have prepared the mandatory documents describing “particulars of employment” - the key components of the employment contract for a number of small businesses.

Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures and Advice

I have prepared Disciplinary and Grievance procedures complying with current legislation and ACAS advice. I have advised on appropriate approaches to specific disciplinary matters, balancing business needs with legal compliance and respect for all individuals involved.

Sickness Absence Procedures

I have prepared sickness absence procedures and the associated forms, complying with current the SSP régime.

Staff Handbooks

A charity asked me to review their staff handbook and recruitment policies addressing compliance and best practice. I conducted a thorough review updating policies and, where appropriate, simplifying the language and presentation.


Through a short coaching session I provided a business owner with resources to explore business development and take the associated decisions.

I have been an Associate of a company operating on a national basis supporting public and private sector organisations as they approach and manage change. I coached individual clients as they negotiated their way through, and were inspired to influence the change process.


Have you ever agonised over how to write the words that really matter in a covering letter or application?  I have helped job applicants find words which reflect their skills and meet the needs of the reader.

Performance Management

I worked with clients to develop performance review processes allowing two way feedback and definition of development needs.

Specialist Interviewing

I support major industrial clients with specialist competency-based (behavioural event) interviewing delivery in their selection processes.


I have recently delivered a workshop to a local client explaining competencies and their use in the client organisation.

This has been rapidly followed by my facilitating a two day workshop on competency-based interviewing: Behavioural Event Interviewing.