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Professional HR advice - Interviewing - Coaching - Change support - Policies - Procedures

Human Resources Management tends to be defined by the pundits as the activities which fit the people to the needs of the business (just as managers would use the capital resources - the money to serve the business needs).

Personnel Management is seen as a more person focused activity - it is workforce centred, recruiting, training, rewarding, meeting employees’ needs, problem solving and so on.

The modern trend is perhaps to refer to Human Resources Management in preference to Personnel Management because good people management to satisfy both the business’ and employees’ needs must rest with the individuals’ manager - not be devolved to some personnel office up the corridor.

I refer to myself as a Human Resources Consultant because although I bring all the skills of a personnel professional, I believe quite passionately in leaving the organisation, employees and managers better equipped following my interventions.  Yes I do things for my clients which fall into the personnel manager’s type of activity, but having done them I leave my clients able to do more for themselves, my input is then more strategic!

The HR professional body is the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), and you will find their web site here (opens a new window).

Because of my experience based learning route I am an Affiliate Member (No 80535413.)

The CIPD is a source of advice, experience, learning, law and all the other things that are relevant to working with people.

Because of my membership of the CIPD I have access to very comprehensive professional indemnity insurance - I hope that this is welcome reassurance to my clients.


I have also retained my membership of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.